Mergers & Acquisitions

Successful exits from technology investments remain the principal validation of having backed the right business venture. Our Checkpoint team understands the time frame and the pressure that company CEOs are under to provide or exceed the expected returns of their investors.


By guiding companies through the complexities along the pathway of value creation from the outset we help to moderate some of the business risks inherent with the uncertainties of growing businesses.


The journey to the `promised land´ of profitability imposes demands in attracting capital support each project requires.


At Checkpoint we understand the capital fundraising landscape and we work with our clients to find the investor base that is right for them. The team has a combined fundraising experience that spans a across the last 25 years in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Principal Investments

Experience and understanding of the context in which innovation driven companies require capital support. Despite the opportunities brought about by innovation and the new possibilities of disruptive technologies, technology company CEOs are constantly challenged managing businesses with less earnings visibility than their more mature peers.


Checkpoint strives to find the right management team with the right set of skills to provide the capital support they require to build a successful business.


Europe and Latin America exchange over €200 billion in goods and services every year.


Traditional recipient of investment flows, averaging over €100 billion per year, Latin American companies are now investing over €50 billion a year outside their home markets.